BrightRoll US Video Summit Tackles Today’s Major Trends in Digital Video Advertising

More than 500 of the top players in the advertising ecosystem gathered today at the Altman Building in New York for the BrightRoll Video Summit. Now in its third year, the half-day event brought together industry executives and thought leaders to share their insights on digital video viewability, programmatic advertising, standards and efficiencies to boost performance and ROI.

As in previous summits, BrightRoll CEO and Founder Tod Sacerdoti kicked off the event by welcoming attendees and addressing the digital video advertising ecosystem and the future of programmatic.

“As the largest independent video ad platform, we’re committed to helping our customers increase efficiencies and drive higher ROI,” said Tod. “At BrightRoll we are watching three major trends as we innovate our technology that drives the digital video viewerscape.”

  • The exponential growth of programmatic video advertising – and all of its potential – is the future of video
  • An ever-evolving video advertising ecosystem means the need to adapt quickly to the changing landscape
  • Technology in the advertising industry is driving rapid growth and those that innovate will be better positioned to win in the marketplace

Watch Tod’s full keynote address from the BrightRoll Video Summit below for additional insights:

Tod’s welcome address prefaced a series of candid discussions and conversations on the hottest topics in video advertising today:

The Future of Multi-platform Campaigns and Standardizing Viewability
Tim Avila, vice president of product marketing at BrightRoll, sat down with Bob Arnold and Amaya Garbayo of Kellogg and Gian Fulgoni of comScore to discuss the opportunities for reaching consumers across multiple screens. Panelists addressed the marketplace challenges around engaging with the multi-device consumer, as well as why viewability is of major importance to both advertisers and publishers. All panelists agreed that industry experts need to address these challenges and put viewability standards in place.

Watch the full panel session from the BrightRoll Video Summit below for additional insights:

The Future of (Digital) TV
Terry Kawaja, CEO and founder of LUMA Partners, shared information from his upcoming study addressing the convergence of TV and digital and how it is creating both opportunities and change for advertisers in the ecosystem. Terry pointed out that TV is not going away and it is important for traditional and digital to become increasingly involved.

Watch Terry’s full keynote address from the BrightRoll Video Summit below for additional insights:

Planning for the Multi-screen World
Moderator Charles Whittingham, senior vice president of sales at BrightRoll, along with Brian Groves of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and Steve Minichini of TargetCast, agreed that the process of buying video advertising has become increasingly complex with more websites, ad networks, exchanges and demand-side platforms (DSPs) than ever before. They also concurred that building and creating content for multi-channel use is becoming increasingly popular and that creative teams should be more involved with digital advertising.

Watch the full panel session from the BrightRoll Video Summit below for additional insights:

The Explosion of RTB – The Future is Now
Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan, spoke with Tod Sacerdoti, about why programmatic buying is the future of video advertising. Neal believes that digital advertising, and video in particular, will need to adopt industry standards for views and click-through rates as more savvy marketers are tapping the power of automated buying for video advertising to help drive ROI and improve efficiency.

Watch the full video of the fireside chat from the BrightRoll Video Summit below for additional insights:

The Video Advertising Ecosystem – Where We are Today, Where We Need to Be and How We Get There
For the final session, IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg and Tod Sacerdoti discussed the future of the video ad ecosystem and how video advertising has reached “escape velocity,” along with some of the opportunities and challenges companies are facing with programmatic. Randall and Tod both agreed that because programmatic technology is accessible to many companies, it is difficult for brand marketers to figure out what the best result is. Both touched on the solutions that would help address many of these problems and what IAB is doing to help.

Watch the full video of the fireside chat from the BrightRoll Video Summit below for additional insights:

Throughout the Summit, attendees turned to Twitter to share insights and highlights from the day’s events, tweeting @BrightRoll using the #BRVS hashtag.

Key tweets include:

@Michaelbeach: The presentation by @tkawaja on The Future of (Digital) TV @ #BRVS was worth the trip by itself. Very exciting!

@dmskinner: Digital ads are only industry in the world with an open source supply chain – we need a good housekeeping seal of approval #BRVS

@VideoNuze: @iab’s Rothenberg: Ultimately viewability will be part of the video currency @Brightroll #BRVS

@VideoNuze: @iab’s Rothenberg on programmatic: Anything that creates efficiency in tonnage is a clear winner @BrightRoll #BRVS

@F_E_Charles: “90% of consumers begin a digital task on one device and complete it on another device” N. Mohan #BRVS

@kevinlenane: #adweek: @BrightRoll: Consumers are in a multi screen world, effortlessly moving from one device to another @google @nealmohan #BRVS

@mdydwad: Mobile has to be a “first class citizen” before we can say “mobile first.” @todsacerdoti #BRVS

@mjkonowicz: Google’s Neal Mohan says programmatic is huge; from a video standpoint, it looks holistically; wants video capability beyond YouTube. #BRVS

@mosherd: 45% of our programmatic spend is coming from RTB demand now. Huge growth of video RTB! #BRVS @BrightRoll

@ohnrmattews: engagement is not so much about time spent but more about the quality of two way dialog between #brand & #consumer across all channels #BRVS

@sknowledgemedia: Interesting from ComScore : web traffic not decreasing but mobile usage skyrocketing #BRVS

@runsforbrunch: @tkawaja says we will see 100% delivery of TV over IP in next 5-7 years #BRVS

If you missed the Fall 2013 BrightRoll Video Summit, panel sessions are available on the BrightRoll YouTube channel and event photos can be found on the BrightRoll Facebook page.

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