Insights for navigating the complex digital video ad ecosystem

Viewability Measurement for Video: An Industry Overview

BrightRoll is a leading advocate for viewability measurement and has been working closely with the IAB and MRC to develop a standard measurement for video viewability. This paper provides an in-depth look at viewability measurement and offers compelling research and insights for the industry.

Kellogg & BrightRoll: Video Viewability

Kellogg and BrightRoll, the leading programmatic video advertising platform that delivers, manages and measures the performance of digital ad campaigns, set out to evaluate offerings from different measurement companies with the goal of better understanding the capabilities and differences between them. The evaluation included an RFI process with interviews as well as a set of controlled tests to understand the relative measurement accuracy.

“Omnichannel” and the Drive for Audience Engagement

Published by the Winterberry Group and produced in partnership with BrightRoll and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, this whitepaper speaks to the origins and likely evolution of omnichannel customer engagement strategies. The whitepaper also reviews six key competencies that outline what marketers and publishers will need in order to fully benefit from omnichannel marketing.

Online Video Audience Measurement

With digital video ad budgets predicted to triple in size by 2016, it’s crystal clear that viewers and advertisers alike agree video is here to stay–as well as the need to measure the effectiveness of online video advertising. This paper will cross-examine different measurement methods and review the facts, while building the case for audience measurement as a key tool to help marketers demonstrate the impact of their digital video ad campaigns.

What You Need to Know About Online GRP

Gross rating points (GRP) have long been a common currency for TV buying. With the booming demand for digital media and the increasing popularity of online video, the demand is growing to establish online media buying standards for the industry. This paper intends to answer common questions about GRP as well as to provide a roadmap on how GRP should be applied and interpreted by the online industry.