Buy or sell video, display and native inventory on the BrightRoll Exchange.

The BrightRoll Exchange

Grow your business with the industry’s leading ad exchange. We connect online inventory from the top publishers with messages from the top DSPs, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks.

  • Access premium inventory from the leading exchange. BrightRoll Exchange provides advertisers access to more than 540B impressions per month, reaching 95% of video and display audiences across devices.
  • Buy and sell with confidence. The BrightRoll Exchange is committed to ensuring quality by providing comprehensive vetting of all inventory sources and buyers, as well as fraud detection throughout the ad buying and selling process.

BrightRoll Exchange for DSPs

Every day, DSPs (or demand side platforms) have billions of opportunities to reach consumers with digital ads on the BrightRoll Exchange. The BrightRoll Exchange gives you access to one of the largest digital advertising marketplace in the industry, with inventory from half of comScore's top 50 publishers, and exclusive access to Yahoo inventory. You can also buy ad inventory from all major exchanges and SSPs, as well as tens of thousands of websites, mobile websites, and mobile apps globally.


BrightRoll Exchange for Publishers

The BrightRoll Exchange brings demand from the top advertisers to help monetize the experiences publishers have worked so hard to create. Publishers can access demand for ad inventory from DSPs, agencies, ad networks, and advertisers. The top DSPs, the top 15 agencies, 18 of the top 20 ad networks, and 99 of the Ad Age 100 advertisers use the BrightRoll Exchange for their digital advertising efforts.

As a publisher on the BrightRoll Exchange, you’ll see an increased in demand and more opportunities to maximize yield. You'll also have complete control over who buys your ad inventory through private marketplaces.


How to increase successful bid rates by 48%

Equinix partner case study

VideoRTB+ is the industry's fastest real-time bidding (RTB) solution for digital video advertising, available only from BrightRoll inside Equinix data centers. Download the Equinix Customer Case Study to learn how BrightRoll built the world's fastest RTB exchange for video ads.

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