Dan Mosher

Dan Mosher is senior vice president of business operations and brings 18 years of executive experience to the BrightRoll leadership team. Dan manages several core groups for the company, including publisher development and integration teams, while leading the execution of the platform buying relationships for the company.

Prior to BrightRoll, Dan was a co-founder and served as senior vice president of operations, marketing and business development for AdMarvel, a mobile advertising mediation platform sold to Opera Software. Previous to that, he spent five years at VeriSign, in part managing VeriSign’s Mobile Content Services efforts in North America. Most recently Dan was the CFO of the electric vehicle start up Coda.  Dan also worked as the vice president of corporate development for Webvan, where he managed the company’s IPO and business development efforts.

Mosher holds a Bachelor of Science from the Haas Undergraduate Business School at University of California, Berkeley.