Brand Safety

Rest assured, brands are safe with BrightRoll

BrightRoll was founded as the first fully transparent video ad platform and continues to protect brands with ongoing investments in technology, third-party reviews, and a dedicated inventory assurance team. This comprehensive system ensures ads reach intended audiences within safe and transparent environments.



DoubleVerify Adexpose Adometry Integral Ad Science Telemetry

Our verification partners conduct an independent audit of BrightRoll inventory to ensure that ads are running in approved placements and meet an advertiser’s targeting requirements.



IAB Compliant MRC NAI

In our commitment to brand safety, quality and accountability in advertising, BrightRoll has completed industry-leading certification programs.



All publishers must adhere to IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines and undergo a strict verification and background validation process prior to acceptance.



Video Rank
BrightRoll technology assures video ads are in-view for the user and ranks sites based on user attention.


Inspection – Inventory Assurance Team

The BrightRoll dedicated inventory assurance team regularly conducts manual audits of sites to ensure compliance with quality and safety requirements.