On-time and in-budget campaign delivery with real-time pacing

    Campaign success is dependent on a number of factors — campaign delivery within budget being one critical factor. Our platform minimizes waste and delivers superior performance for advertisers through advanced technology that enables faster and smarter decisions.

    Real-time pacing for campaigns ensures the right number of impressions are delivered at the right time. During campaign […]


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    Maximize campaign performance with viewability data from MRC-accredited Moat, now on the BrightRoll platform


    The next milestone for video viewability is here. The Media Rating Council (MRC) has lifted its viewable impression advisory for video advertising. What does that mean and how does it impact the video ad world? Advertisers and publishers can now buy and sell ad inventory based on viewability metrics for digital video advertising. This means […]


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    BrightRoll Joins clypd in Taking First Step Toward Programmatic TV

    Last week, clypd announced the industry’s first Application Programming Interface (API) for programmatic television advertising. The API marks a milestone in the landscape of television advertising towards bringing an automated, data-driven solution to the way television advertising is bought and sold, and BrightRoll is on board. Through this collaboration with clypd, BrightRoll will integrate linear […]


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    Creative Shares Spotlight with Data and Programmatic at Cannes 2014

    Martin Sorrell summarized it perfectly when he pointed out that ‘Mad Men’s’ Don Draper would be perplexed by today’s advertising world and its shift in focus towards “Math Men” and data-driven advertising. Speaking ahead of Cannes Lions 2014, Sorrell said the emergence of programmatic was now materially impacting the annual advertising jamboree – pointing out […]


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    BrightRoll Brings Programmatic Insights to Cannes Lions

    There is little doubt that video and programmatic buying are two of the hottest topics in the digital advertising industry. The growth in video advertising, propelled by programmatic buying, has been stellar in recent years, outpacing that of TV and other media. It is also worth reminding ourselves that video advertising has grown from a […]


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    BrightRoll Addresses Hottest Topics at Key Industry Events

    Last week a handful of BrightRoll executives spent time in New York to represent the company at three separate industry events. Each event covered the hottest topics circulating the digital advertising marketplace and BrightRoll was there to contribute to the discussion:

    ARF Audience Measurement 2014: The Measurement Mandate

    The ARF event took a deep dive […]


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    Maximize Campaign Efficacy with Performance Targeting: New to the BrightRoll Console

    Easy-to-use customizable inventory filter

    Campaign managers need to be armed with inventory performance data on an on-going basis, most importantly during the planning stage. In turn, this helps align a campaign closer to its goals.

    Performance targeting

    This new feature on the console enables buyers to easily plan and align inventory targeting parameters with their […]


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    Digital Video Drives Traveler Purchase Decisions

    Vacation season has arrived and travelers are turning to video to help guide their next adventure. The ability of travel-related video ads to tell short stories that elicit an emotional and persuasive response by viewers has directly inspired 60 percent of leisure travelers in the US to start thinking of their next getaway. According to […]


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    CEO POV: Combating Traffic Fraud in Video

    The problem of fraud in the digital advertising industry has garnered significant attention this year. In February, Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB, called on the digital advertising industry to protect our supply chain. A number of business publications have chronicled examples of the problem. In reality, this is not a […]


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