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BrightRoll to Advance Digital Video Audience Buying and Measurement with comScore and Nielsen

April 23, 2014

Integrated audience measurement data enhances end-to-end campaign workflow; enables advertisers to maximize in-target delivery and validate performance at no cost

San Francisco and New York – April 23, 2014 – BrightRoll, the only independent and unified programmatic video advertising platform, today announced agreements with comScore and Nielsen to bring sophisticated measurement tools and insights to the digital video advertising industry. Integrated into the BrightRoll platform, comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ and Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™ will enable advertisers to leverage the power of third-party measurement data at every stage of the campaign lifecycle at no cost.

“By integrating audience measurement data from both comScore and Nielsen into our real-time audience platform, we are changing the game for advertisers,” said Tod Sacerdoti, CEO and founder, BrightRoll. “For the first time, advertisers will be able to plan, target and optimize campaigns to maximize in-target delivery and validate performance with independent reports. The best part is that the scale of our ecosystem allows us to offer this for free to all of our clients.”

The BrightRoll platform offers an advanced suite of tools to help advertisers increase the efficacy of their video ad campaigns. With audience measurement data from comScore and Nielsen built into the company’s advanced programmatic buying console, advertisers will be able to plan and optimize campaigns against established key performance indicators (KPIs), while verifying campaign delivery to desired audiences by their measurement partner of choice.

The enhanced end-to-end campaign workflow with comScore and Nielsen audience data will include key features to help advertisers plan, target, optimize and report on video ad campaigns, at no cost to them, all on the BrightRoll platform:

  • Advanced planning provides users an interactive interface to define in-target audience delivery goals and forecast campaign reach and GRPs based on audience composition data from comScore or Nielsen.

  • Audience composition filtering makes it easy for advertisers to set up campaigns, using comScore or Nielsen data to select the sites and/or segments best suited to find and reach intended audiences at scale.

  • Intelligent audience optimization enables advertisers to reduce waste and improve campaign performance by maximizing in-target delivery using BrightRoll’s automated optimization algorithm and real-time data from comScore or Nielsen.

  • Integrated reporting built into the BrightRoll platform allows advertisers to access official comScore validated Campaign Essentials and Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings in-target audience composition reports for clients free of charge.

“comScore measurement data is commonly requested by BrightRoll customers looking for meaningful insights into the reach, frequency, GRPs and demographic composition of audiences being exposed to their video ad campaigns,” said Anne Hunter, Senior Vice President, comScore “Now that vCE is integrated into the BrightRoll platform, advertisers can make important and data-backed campaign decisions that meet KPIs and measurement goals.”

“Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provide advanced measurement and reporting tools to help BrightRoll advertisers understand the ROI of their digital video campaigns through the use of proven, TV-comparable metrics,” said Andrew Feigenson, Senior Vice President of Digital Client Services, Nielsen. “We’re pleased to be working with BrightRoll to deliver its advertisers a full suite of audience buying, planning and measurement offerings.”

BrightRoll is investing in technology to make the process of buying and measuring digital video easier and more effective. The company’s hybrid cloud infrastructure enables BrightRoll to analyze up to 30 billion data points per day, including campaign and user data, and react to insights faster than any other programmatic platform. With trusted sources such as comScore and Nielsen available to measure every campaign run through the BrightRoll platform, important decisions are based off of highly precise measurable information, rather than sampled data-based modeling. In addition, BrightRoll offers free, third-party viewability measurement and reporting on its platform, partnering with MRC-accredited Moat to give advertisers confidence that video ads are delivered in-view.

Today, BrightRoll unveiled key advancements in digital video audience buying and measurement with comScore and Nielsen at the BrightRoll Video Summit, which brings together more than 500 industry experts from across the digital advertising ecosystem to discuss the latest trends and technologies driving growth in ad spend and ROI. All BrightRoll customers have access to comScore and Nielsen audience measurement data, and new features will be added regularly to enhance end-to-end campaign workflow over the next several weeks.

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